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In this section, I would like to share a glimpse into my personality and my approach towards the current market. While I encourage you to download my CV for detailed information about my work experience, this section will focus on giving you an insight into my thought process.

Life Goal

As a passionate game developer, my journey has been defined by countless prototypes and games that have shaped my craft. Yet, my heart yearns for that one extraordinary creation—a game that transcends boundaries, captivating the world's imagination

In Short, i believe, my true career will start the day I have my first hit😅

What kind of game i like

It is crucial for game developers to possess a genuine passion for video games as it grants them a clear understanding of the necessary approaches and strategies.

Dynamic Life Simulation, Stealth, Strategy, Puzzle, Story-driven Action-Adventure.

Here are some examples of games within these genres: City Skylines, sim city, Zombie Cafe, New York Nights: Success in the City(2005), Hitman, Skyrim, Witcher 3, Grand Theft Auto series, Metal Gear Solid 5, Splinter Cell, and many others.

Skills That Helps Me in Game Development

I exclusively utilise these tools to create all the assets for my personal projects, as well as a selection of smaller assets for professional assignments


Ever since I was a child, I have had a deep passion for drawing. This passion led me to explore different digital art tools, including Inkscape. While Inkscape may not be as advanced as Illustrator, I found that it still allows me to create high-quality artwork. Although the workflow might be slightly slower compared to other tools, I have been using Inkscape for the past five years, consistently producing satisfying results.

I have also embarked on a journey to learn Blender and Unity. This allows me to independently create basic 3D models required for personal projects as well as professional assignments.


I strongly believe that acquiring proficiency in these tools enhances my ability to collaborate effectively with artists and accelerates the pace of projects. Moreover, it lightens the workload on artists by enabling me to handle smaller tasks on my own, allowing them to concentrate on more critical aspects of the project.

Other Skills

ASO: (App Store Optimization): When I launched my first project and faced financial constraints, I made a deliberate choice to learn ASO. This enabled me to effectively engage with my initial user base, resulting in the remarkable achievement of ranking my project, "STEALTH ISOLATION," for the highly competitive and broad keyword "STEALTH" on the Play Store. Despite the challenges associated with such a difficult keyword, I was able to secure a prominent position for my app through strategic ASO techniques.

OS - (Windows, Windows Server, Linux, Mac)
Network Engineering - (OSI, TCP/UPD, FTP, DNS, DHCP, Routing Protocols(EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS) & Static Routing, Vlan etc)

Cyber Security - (Protection against DOS, D-DOS, ARP FLOOD, Basic Security Precautions, etc)

IT Support - (Computer Hardware, Troubleshooting, Basic Repairing)

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